FWIW in this discussion, this is still an academic list as far as I'm
concerned. I consider myself an academic (an ABD teacher trying to find a
classics position in a high school), and I believe my colistowner is an
academic. The list membership contains pretty much the same subscribers as
before the switch (I have to check on a few that seem to have disappeared),
so that isn't an issue.

As for the venue, you do not have to read the messages via the website, so
you won't be bombared with such ads ... you will get an ad in the footer,
but usually it's rather inobtrusive and comes after the sig. anyway (i.e.
when you hit the delete button) ... I run a number of lists on onelist and
have for a couple years now and I swear I rarely even see an ad.

As for taking apparent moral high grounds on the basis of who might be
sharing disk space with this list, I'd suggest that university computers
aren't anywhere near as "innocent" as you might think and  a good chunk of
university network time is taken up by students visiting sites of ill
repute. Of course, that doesn't affect the quality of the list that might
be hosted at that institution, just as it doesn't affect the quality of
*this* list.

That said, hopefully I can return to lurking and moderating ...


At 09:38 AM 3/20/00 -0800, you wrote:
>I concur that there are benign and possibly even beneficial uses of
>"cookies," especially at Girl Scout cookie time (Thin Mints are my
>personal favorite.)  It is the commercial aspect of this "move" that
>disappoints me.  My interest in Anahita has been from the perspective of a
>disillusioned technical professional (engineer) suffering from mid life
>crisis using this as guidance toward consideration of human nature.
>In that sense, perhaps I shouldn't be disappointed to see Anahita go to a
>site that is today advertising its groups concerned with NCAA "Madness",
>WWF newsletter, NASCAR "family", and golf talk, not to mention the adult
>groups including those that choose to entice with talk of specialty in
><>13 to 16 year old
>girls.  I mean, really, how much more in touch with human nature can one
>hope to get?  It really isn't that far from Plato's consideration of young
>boys in the "Symposium."  For anyone interested in considering porn, I
>would alternatively suggest Nadine Strossen's,
>Porn: Free Speech, Sex, and the Fight for Women's Rights."  After this, by
>all means, delight in your preferred erotica.
>I will spend the time I used to spend enjoying the references from the
>many knowledgeable folks who regularly contributed to Anahita, on the
>Diotima, Perseus, related sites, and at my local bookstore and library...
>looking for thoughtful perspective.
>Thanks to all,

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