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Best wishes for a new year and a new US administration!  I am in Ireland
on Sabbatical until July.

At the request suggestion one of our translators, Nick Nicholas, I have
added a link to the SOL front page called "Entire list of entries".  If
you go there, you will find a list of the entire Suda entries, whether
translated or not.  Each is a link that gets you to the current
translation; if there is none (as with phi,849 for instance), you get to
the source text.

There are two things to note.  First, the links are in the form, which is new.  I have
introduced a URL-rewrite rule in the web server that converts this sort
of URL to the less memorable,6

You can use this new form of URL if you wish to embed pointers to the
SOL in other web pages.

Second, the real purpose of this list of entries is so that web crawlers
like Google will find it and index the contents of the entire SOL.
Within a short time, we should be able to use a search engine with a
search like "aaron biography omicron kurion" and find this same entry.
We'll see if that works.


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