Is anyone still talking about Limping Heroes?   Sheila Shika y Michaels seemed interested in limping heroines (See Anahita April 1996) with some worthy response.

Robert Graves'  White Goddes talks about the Celtic Cerridwen in this light.  There is also the indispensible Limping Hero: Grotesques in Literature by Peter L. Hays (NYU Press, 1970), treating male and female figures across myth and literature, ancient and modern. 

I have recently dealt with a neglected modern hero who embodies many of the mythic elements of the sacred king/limping hero but within the context a modern spiritual tradition,  (See URL: ). 

I am looking for material to add to this and would also like more on how women/goddess figures relate to the limping hero.

Thank you,

Bob Portlock

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